Natalie Conneely

Director of Development and Fundraising

Los Angeles, CA

Natalie is thrilled to be part of the Optimist team as Director of Development after sustaining a global Fellowship authorized by the 14th Dalai Lama to reimagine leadership in more than 45 countries. She founded Pachamama Sabia, a social impact organization to document and share stories that awaken society and inspire global action for good. Natalie is also Co-Founder of the Hollywood Compassion Coalition, a movement of entertainment professionals inspiring social change with scientific research. She studied Political Science & Film, Television and Theater at the University of Notre Dame and has experienced different traditions and cultures after living on five continents through her work with production and business development with CNN International. Natalie premiered her first feature length Documentary in 2021 following an indigenous climate activist in the Bolivian Amazon and is currently advising EP for a docuseries in development that follows indigenous, transgender women of Latin America. She looks forward to building on the important Optimist impact and growing communities of optimists around the world! When not working on storytelling for social change, Natalie can be found off the grid hiking or camping with her wolf and dingo mixes.