Natalie Conneely

Director of Development and Fundraising

Los Angeles, CA

Natalie was born near the Amazon jungles of Bolivia. She started her career in production and business development with CNN International, launching their first Middle East production hub in Abu Dhabi in 2009. She then worked with the 14th Dalai Lama, cultivating mindful and ethical leaders in more than 50 countries. Natalie launched AVNI healing in 2015 to offer energy healing practices. She founded Pachamama Sabia in 2019, a social impact media organization that produces indigenous and women-centric stories for good. In 2020 Natalie became a co-founder of the Hollywood Compassion Coalition, a movement of entertainment professionals inspiring social change with positive media psychology research.

Natalie studied Political Science & Film, Television and Theater at the University of Notre Dame. She’s currently filming her first feature length documentary about an indigenous climate activist in one of the longest standing original indigenous communities in the Bolivian Amazon. Natalie is a Los Angeles based actor, writer and impact producer who volunteers her free time with local nonprofits addressing disability rights, gender equity and wildlife conservation. When not working on storytelling for social change, she can be found hiking or camping with her wolf and dingo mix rescues.