Morgan Kays

Board of Advisors, Chair

Los Angeles, CA

Morgan grew up in blue collar Seattle back when Boeing was the big thing in town.  She pursued an education at the University of WA with the idea of completing an environmental sciences degree (and saving the world), but was working in software development at the same time and that paid better.  Software development allowed her to live across the US in varied locations, experiencing the quirks of our country.   When she retired from the software development workday, she returned her focus to saving the world.  

She’s since helped fund Academy Award qualified documentaries, Lion conservation in east Africa, civil rights within the US, internships for aspiring artists in alternative high school programs, and Southern CA veterinarians bringing care to the pets of people who are currently experiencing homelessness.  

In her free time she’s explored pastry/chef certifications, sommelier/wine certifications, Pilates and Yoga certifications while growing her own food, cultivating a lively butterfly garden, creating kiln formed glass art and caring for 12 pets plus her human family.