Luca Khalsa

Summer Intern

Scottsdale, Arizona

Born in India of an American father and Italian mother, Luca moved to Italy when he was one, and returned to India for the rest of his elementary and middle school. His first language was Italian, and when he learned English, it was with a distinctive South Indian accent. He feels like this lack of clear cultural roots has prepared him for what will be the norm in the years to come when he decides to attend CMC and meet many amazing people with even cooler international stories.

Luca started messing around with iMovie’s ‘trailer’ videos in the 6th grade and by the time he was thirteen, he graduated to writing short screenplays and attempting to make mini videos. In high school, and the limited time he had in college, he started to make educational videos about diverse topics and always wrote a couple of lines for him and his friends to act out in front of the camera. He loves playing soccer, surfing, and sitting on a cushioned seat in a cold movie theater.