This is Not Financial Advice

Glauber “Pro” Contessoto—an immigrant working multiple jobs and living in a 220-square-foot apartment—gambles his life savings on a joke cryptocurrency. Two months later, he becomes “The Dogecoin Millionaire” and a hero to his growing YouTube following. 

It’s easy to get rich online. But as Pro will soon discover, it’s even easier to lose it all. Amateur investors like Pro must navigate a landscape that’s rife with scams, bad advice, and a fear of missing out. THIS IS NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE exposes the startling risks and rewards of today’s market through expert commentary and the anxiety-inducing stories of real people trying to make millions.




Premiered at Tribeca Film Festival 2023


Directors: Chris Temple, Zach Ingrasci

Producers: Jenna Kelly, Carrie Weprin, Martine Phelan-Roberts

Editors: Mariana Blanco, Yaniv Elani

In Association with: XTR, Mr. Wizard Productions, Bearcat & Legion M

Executive Producers: Howard Lindzon, Bryn Mooser, Justin Lacob, Dan Kagan, Gray Golka, Paul Scanlan, David Baxter, Jeff Annison, Terri Lubaroff, Bret Disend, Andy Hsieh, Stanley Tang, Gloria Zhu

Representation: Cinetic Media

Publicity: David Magdael & Associates

Director of Photography: Nicholas Kraus

Co-Producers: Nathaniel Popper, Cutter Hodierne

Impact Campaign

Accompanying This Is Not Financial Advice will be a national education initiative to support financial literacy efforts. We’re partnering with companies, organizations and institutions who share our passion for inclusive financial education. By sparking these conversations, especially in marginalized communities, we can help combat the wealth gap. If you would like to partner or support, please reach out to or to donate, click here.

“A thought-provoking masterpiece. The best documentary at Tribeca.”

Taylor Lorenz, Washington Post

“Truly a wild ride. Surprising and insightful. Could not recommend more.”

Emily Stewart, Vox

“A cautionary tale on the perils of crypto and meme stocks.”

Caleb Silver, Investopedia

“Ricochets between the euphoric heights & crushing depths of the investor's psyche during one of the wildest rides in financial history."

Josh Brown, CNBC