Searching For Syria

Searching for Syria is an interactive experience to answer the world’s top five questions about the Syrian refugee crisis. In partnership with Google and UNHCR, we set out to create a factual and easily digestible source for viewers to make sense of the largest humanitarian crisis of our time. We worked on this project after releasing our feature documentary on life in Za’atari Refugee Camp,  Salam Neighbor.







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Winner 2018 Webby Award

Winner of Gold in Two Categories at the Lovie Awards 

FWA’s Featured Website Award

Through data visualizations, film, imagery, 360º photospheres, and before/after comparisons – Searching for Syria combines information and impact.

25 million



raised for UNHCR


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Actionable ways to get involved.

Beyond giving people the background and education on the severity of the crisis, it was crucial to enable people to take action. In fact, 10% of the over 2 million people who visited the site took action by either donating, joining or sharing.

Simple, stark visuals.

Before and after photos showcased what Syria was like before the war. Visitors controlled their experience so they could see the devastation and impact of the crisis over time.

Non-traditional, humanizing data sources.

Social media posts from refugees, Google search trends from around the world, and YouTube search trends from within Syria showcase the human side of this crisis in relatable ways only Google could do.

Never before released satellite imagery.

 The Google Earth team released never before seen satellite imagery to show the severity of the crisis in new ways. For example, the above image showed how cars had been abandoned at the border by fleeing refugees. We combed through years of data to find arresting, relevant data to share.

Ancient history brought to life with technology. 

We partnered with local photographers, activists, and citizens to bring the rich cultural heritage – that we all share – to life with 360 technology.